ATTENTION: This program is being discontinued in favor of our awesome VPS hosting plans. New signups have been disabled, and current customers will be migrated to their own VPS setup with special pricing for 6 months. We encourage all people seeking website services to visit the main WEBSITE SERVICE PAGE for information on our services.

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Instant Websites

Ever wished you could simply “have” a website of your own, without worrying about hosting packages, or configuring the features needed to get what your goals accomplished? Welcome to Pryor Media Instant, a new program that not only gives you instant access to more features than and other web services like it, but allows you to expand functionality as you need it beyond what most people pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to get.

 BRONZE – $10/month

The INSTANT program begins at Bronze, and includes all of the essential features you need to get your website up and running fast. This program gives you WordPress, and access to over 200 theme templates to choose from that offer various levels of functionality to serve most purposes. This level would be suitable for sites which need to display information in a modern way, keep their followers up to date with the latest information from a blog, or showcase their previous work through photo galleries. Even more functionality is unlocked when upgrading to SILVER or GOLD!

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 SILVER – $15/month

Our SILVER level offers expanded functionality on the BRONZE level of the service, including unlocking more theme choices, more functionality for your business, and more storage space for your files. You’ll also unlock our “unrestricted HTML” feature, allowing you the freedom to develop your own HTML features within pages without restrictions; a great asset for developers. SILVER members also unlock other great functions, such as forums creation, dynamic custom sliders, complete Facebook integration for their site, the ability to create and send beautiful newsletters directly within their admin panels, and more!

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 GOLD – $30/month

The GOLD level is the highest level of functionality on our network, opening up the floodgates to every feature we can offer. You can even open your own community network with this level of service, gain a ton more storage space for your files, run your own e-commerce store, complete with online payments, and more. GOLD customers will also be able to manage their own paid memberships using the very same tools this site is using now! Plus book and manage appointments, and so much more! Oh, and of course… it’s all commision free. Keep 100% of your profits, and never pay Pryor Media a percentage of your sales.

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Unique Features

With the same basic interface as, but without a lot of the rules and restrictions. Pryor Media gives you the basic and essential functions that you need to have YOUR OWN website, and not “Just another site” on our network.
Plus… we just let you do a lot more stuff!

Check out three main reasons you should choose Pryor Media instead of the other guys.

Your Own Domain Name

With most cheap or free website networks, you’ll be stuck with a subdomain for a name, such as With Pryor Media, you can connect your own domain name to your website right out of the box, on the very first level. No need to pay extra to unlock something as simple as your own brand name!

You will need to purchase a domain name (i.e. in order to have a website linked to your own domain. We don’t sell domains (yet), but we recommend GoDaddy as a registrar you can trust. Click here for a discount, and search for an available domain that fits your business.

Better Features

Most quick website creation sites have big limitations placed on your site, and don’t give much flexibility for their network. They won’t let you sell stuff on your site without taking a commision for every sale, or they restrict the features to a minimum of functionality, no matter how much you pay. Pryor Media has only a few basic rules that govern the security and reliability of the network, and if you’re a GOLD subscriber… you’re free to do what you wish.

There are a ton more features and tools to help you here at Pryor Media than at other sites. Integrated video training on almost every page of your site admin area, community driving tools for success in a social world, fundraising options, appointment booking, dynamic sliders, an integrated support ticket system, and much more!

Make Money!

Pryor Media will never restrict your money-making potential on its network. Feel free to use advertising networks to monetize your content, activate premium membership models, utilize e-commerce with an online store, and more! Also, every Instant subscriber is able to participate in our amazing affiliate program with a simple click within their administrator panel, allowing them to earn commision on all new accounts and other business here at Pryor Media.

The web doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to experience. Let Pryor Media show you the way.

It’s the fastest way to get a website for yourself! For as low as $10/month, or $100 a year, you can have a website for yourself! What are you waiting for? Honestly… it’s too simple.

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