Frequently Answered Questions

Pryor Media is passionate about bringing customers results they’ll truly love, and giving every customer a website or video that’s as direct and/or sophisticated as they need it to be, while simultaneously being as simple and elegant as their customers want it to be. In the end, it really is all about you, your brand, and your products and services. For websites, I use the latest open-source development tools, the most up-to-date modern design practices for everything, and cutting edge hardware and software integration to give you excellent performance from your website. If you host with us, we can give you the same guarantees as “the big guys,” but allow you to still feel good about hiring a local small business that’ll give you the personalized attention you want.

I know that you care a lot about your business, and your brand’s appearance to the world, and I do as well. Every project I take is treated with the same love and care as my own projects. If it isn’t good enough for you, than it isn’t good enough for me. Who would I be if I thought any other way?

To help you better understand my services here, I welcome you to check out some of the most asked questions I receive, and the answers that are often given. While every situation is unique, and every business is a custom project in and of itself, this FAQ page will hopefully answer some of the things that are on your mind about the three main services offered here at Pryor Media.

Video Production

Currently, Pryor Media would like to offer its services to produce commercial video, both for television and the web, as well as online instructional video and training courses. We also do product reviews through our HotTips! brand. To see samples of that, check out the Product Reviews section of the portfolio

Wedding photography and videos are now available exclusively in the Clare area, and around Mid-Michigan only. For an exact answer, we’ll need to know where the event is. Contact us.

As a DSLR filmmaker, I operate with several pieces of unique equipment specific to the DSLR style, such as steadicam rigs, mounted shotgun microphones, various lenses with varying focal lengths and speeds, and professional level software suites to bring it all to life, such as Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite.

The nature of artistic work demands more information to give an actual estimate. Previous clients have had promotional campaigns made for the web for as little as $500, while some businesses have needed commercials that cost upwards of $6,000 or more. It all depends on how you want your brand recognized, and what sort of investment you’re willing to make to get a video that’s up to the level of quality you want associated with your business. If you want a “cheap car dealership commercial,” I recommend looking elsewhere.
Proudly based in Michigan. We operate just outside of Detroit, and also around the Mid-Michigan area for Photography and some video projects, such as wedding videos. Please note that travel distance is considered when we give quotes to customers that require travel. Company promotional videos that utilize animation and voice-over elements only typically will not require travel.

Voice Over and Acting

I have experience working on corporate commercials, non-profit charity promotions, kickstarter campaigns, stage acting, studio recording sessions, web-based series content, tutorial voice overs, educational content, and more. I can pretty much handle anything that’s related at all to these things.
Everything is dependant on the time involved. Do I have to write the script for it? Will I need to learn about the company or the product I’m talking about before I script it? If you have a script perfected already, and you simply want the voice over track, I can easily turn it out in less than a day. If there’s more work involved, I’ll need more information.
You can have your recordings revised as many times as you’d like, or have as many different variations as you’d like recorded and delivered. Just keep in mind that all voice work is charged a flat hourly rate, so be as descriptive and specific as you can when describing how you’d like me to do something, to save time and money.
I wouldn’t even expect a phone call without giving you samples first! You can check out the Voice Over and Acting page to get a bunch of voice and presentation samples. If you’re looking just for a sample of audio quality, just click play here:

At this time I can only guarantee the normal pricing and speed with products being voiced and performed in English. However, if you need something voiced in another language, I have access to a variety of voice talent that may be able to take my place for the recording, although this will be more expensive, and take more time to produce a quality track that’s up to my standards.

Website Services

The sky is the limit to be honest. While I won’t say I know how to do ‘everything’ under the sun, I can make your vision come to life in a very professional and sophisticated way, with a relatively fast turnover rate compared to many other designers. This is especially true for designers who custom code every page. I promise I’m faster and cheaper than them.
Pryor Media uses open-source, GUI-based tools to provide exceptional quality work with a fast turnover. Our development and design workflow also features consultations and support from trend-setting experts and a specialized community of thousands. It might be ‘just me’ building your site, but I’m never alone when I’m putting something together, and you won’t be either.
Absolutely! In fact, we recommend self-management to most of our customers, as it allows you to change anything you’d like without going through that long process of communicating changes to your designer. Both the “Plus” and “Complete” web packages include custom made video tutorials just for you, that teach you exactly how to change the information and content that matters most to you. Should you need any help from me anyways, I’m just an email or phone call away!
If you choose our Plus or Complete package, you’ll get excellent support extended for 90 days or more beyond the delivery of your website. This means that, should you incur a problem, or want changes made, the rapid response time you get from your support request will be blazing fast, and cheaper than other customers. Complete customers get 24/7 phone support as well, so if you’re site has a mysterious problem at 4am, and you call me… I will wake up, I will answer the phone, and I will get out of bed to address your problem. That’s a promise.

I absolutely can! My latest service offering is actually dedicated to presenting content that will enhance your knowledge and increase your learning potential with today’s modern website design tools and philosophy. It’s a subscription-based consultation service that has proven to give customers an amazing value in terms of their abilities with many different themes and plugins, and with that new knowledge comes imagination and new ideas – and you’ll now have much of the skills needed to bring those ideas to life! You can learn more on the blog about the Website Consultation Program, or check out the service page and sign up here. Alternatively, if this program is full, I can provide training to you on an a la carte basis, in one-hour sessions (billed at the standard hourly rate).