The Plus Package

No Monthly Fees!

Lots of other web companies will charge you a monthly rate to keep your site open in their accounts, and to insure that you always go to them for web work. I don’t do that. My policy is super simple: If I don’t do any work, and I don’t incur any costs, than you don’t pay any money. It’s that simple. The Plus Package includes a clean and modern website designed to deliver a positive images about your brand to your visitors. This includes the experience of purchasing products from your online store! It’s all included, and it’s all up to date with the latest and greatest in web design and user experience.

Video Training Provided

The Plus package is all about adding additional features to your website service that extends beyond just having a website. When I deliver the product to you, I want you to know it as well as I do. My customized video tutorials are GUARANTEED to teach you and your staff how to use the most important functions of your website’s administrative panels, including how to add pages to your site, uploading and formatting images, adding products and adjusting prices, setting up a newsletter, managing employee and customer accounts, and more. I have years of experience with video, and have made educational videos for clients all over the world.

90-Day Service Discount

As a Plus Customer, you’ll be receiving additional materials that will take longer to fully learn and use. As a result of this, you’ll also enjoy an extended service discount. For 90 days after your website goes live, all work on your site for corrections, video additions, training, and support are all discounted by 50% while you get comfortable with the tools in front of you. Phone support for your new tools is also free for 6 months! I understand that it takes time to fully adjust to new things, and this extended time should help with that. If you need even more help, I’ll also throw in a LIVE, 1-hour over the internet demonstration session to go through things step-by-step with you, and answer questions you have on the fly. I want you to know it as well as I do!

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    You will need to purchase a domain name (i.e. in order to have a website. We recommend GoDaddy as a registrar you can trust. Click here for a discount, and search for an available domain that fits your business.

    What To Expect

    • No monthly payments
    • Clean and Modern Design
    • Graphical Interface (No code knowledge required)
    • Great SEO Framework on every page
    • 50% service discount for 90 days.
    • Free phone support for 6 months!
    • E-commerce and payments
    • Personalized Video Training
    • Domain Management
    • Continuous SEO monitoring and optimization
    • Superb Web Hosting with FTP access
    • Database and file security

    You will need to host your own website with this package. Third party hosting can vary in price and performance, but if we had to recommend a host for you, we’d recommend choosing, WPMUDEV, who also host this site too! Alternatively, GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting is a great option with a balance of performance and price.

    You can also choose to have Pryor Media set you up with your very own VPS and experience what it’s like to not have to share resources anymore!