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The web development world is pretty saturated. Everyone and their mother knows how to make a website today it seems, and the “big guys” in this business want you to believe that it still costs $10,000 to make a professional website that’s effective and meets your organizational goals. While I would love to also make that much for every website I build, I cannot remain an honest person that’s looking out for my customers at the same time. Web development is an art and a science, twisted together into a glorious combination that demands attention to detail, knowledge on technology changes worldwide, and an upbeat attitude to deliver results. At Pryor Media, I’ve attempted to assemble an organizational psychology that is directly tied to my customers. My goals are your goals, every time. Let me explain, by highlighting a few key differences I present to clients that many of my competitors don’t. These are traits that they either don’t possess, refuse to do, or in many cases they flat out aren’t capable of doing right.


1) Self-management and Independence

Most web design companies want you to pay them to build their website, but they also want you trapped into hiring them for changes too. They’ll refuse to use tools that others’ built, because it prevents them from charging you for the work it takes to build that functionality into your site. On top of that, their desired workflow involves you calling them whenever you need changes made to your website – including blog posts. I don’t think that’s necessary, and if the designer you hire knows this other method exists, and refuses to implement it, then it’s just flat out dishonest and wrong.

I’ve heard stories from clients who’ve spoken to several designers, and even one who’s spoken to people in large web development conferences, telling people that WordPress isn’t what the customer wants. They openly advocate against this system, without really sharing any of the downfalls of it. They plainly want people paying them tens of thousands of dollars for the same outcome. It makes sense, for the sake of capitalism. Unfortunately for you, capitalism doesn’t work well for the consumer in most cases today.

At Pryor Media, I embrace a different philosophy. I don’t want you tied to me. I know, it seems counter-intuitive to a long-lasting business model, but it’s the truth. My goal, to put it simply, is to deliver a product that you can manage yourself. Rather than using completely 100% custom-coded websites that demand programming knowledge to change (tethering you to my skills in order to make changes), I use 100% Open-source software that’s arguably the most intuitive and expansive Content Management System in the world of web development. It’s graphically based controls allow you, as a non-coder, to understand the inner workings of managing your own website, and to make changes when needed. If you want my help to do it, I’ll be here – but it’s not required ever. When I deliver something to you, you are free to make any changes you want, any time you want.

Of course, making changes does tend to require a willingness to do so yourself, and an understanding of the benefits of it. That’s why…

2) I make you excited about web design

It’s important to our working relationship that we’re both on the same page, working together to make your ideas come to life on the web. Part of that cohesiveness involves us both being excited about the possibilities that we’re exploring. When you work with me, I give you a lot of options, and explore your goals with you to develop a method of content distribution you may not have even thought of. Perhaps you were looking for a simple website with a couple of pages of static content, showing photos of your business. After speaking with me, maybe you’ll decide you want to engage people even further, with promotional offers on your site, features that are targeting mobile users to create more leads, or perhaps you want to incorporate the power of video into your site. When you get excited about something, the potential of everything you do goes up.

Of course, excitement can also lead to people “getting carried away” with things, so it’s important that I’m also realistic with you as well…

advantage of video on websites pryor media

3) I’m a consultant before a web designer

Web designers love to think they know best, and in many cases they’re probably right. Where you should draw the line though, as far as being a client, is a designer that won’t give you what you want, because it’s not how they would do it. Your designer should have YOUR interests above theirs, and while they likely know a lot more about this stuff than you do, don’t be afraid to voice your concerns, suggestions, and opinions of features and design to them. If they don’t listen to you when you demand something a certain way, they’re not working for you.

That doesn’t mean I’ll do everything you ask me without comment. I’m not some employee working for you. I’m a contractor working with you. Part of the reason you’re hiring me is because I have knowledge and abilities you don’t. If we were on the same playing field regarding what we know, you wouldn’t need me. That being said, your wants need to happen. I provide objective advice for every project when needed, and share with you the reasons why some things work, and some things don’t. Most importantly, I’ll never “blow smoke” at you. If I don’t know something, I won’t just make up a response that favors the organization like many representatives on the phone will. I’ll flat out tell you I don’t know.

And as soon as I’m off the phone, I’ll go find the answer, free of charge, no matter how long it takes me to figure it out. Expanding my own knowledge and business worth is never something I’m going to charge for.

4) Services few others will be able to offer correctly

When you hire Pryor Media for your project, your going to get possibilities that go far beyond the project itself. It’s all part of my effort to get you to a self-managed state, and to get you exited about your website. I Aside from personal consulting, professional service, and all that “mumbo jumbo” everyone will tell you you’ll get, Pryor Media customers can get real, proven, effective, training. I’m not talking about some “Read Me” file or a training manual talking you through things either. Customers who choose “Plus” as their package option acknowledge a true desire to manage their own website, and want to learn “how all this stuff works” as well as I do.

website management training

Pryor Media Training is always in the form of personal, custom-branded video tutorials that cater directly to your website. It’s completely personalized to you, and your staff, to insure the best possible training. I’ve created over 100 video training videos to date for clients all over the world, and I know exactly how to present information in a way that anyone can learn. That’s not something my competitors can do well for you, and in fact, most of them would flat-out refuse (remember number 1 above).

Plus, in many cases, my competitors have so many clients at once that they cannot address concerns fast enough! Anybody who’s had a web designer manage their site for them will be able to tell you that it takes more than 48 hours sometimes for anything to change when you want it. I’ve even heard horror stories of over a week! I MEAN WHY!?!? – Pryor Media will make site changes the same day you ask for them usually, and almost always within 24 hours of the request. It’s as fast as you’ll ever get with a professional service. Plus, because of our dedication to self-management, you’ll likely already know how to do simple things, so the help with major changes is rarely even needed in the first place!

5) Premium Price… or is it?

Make no mistake, I’m charging a premium price for a premium service. You aren’t getting some cheap college student trying to get experience, or a coworkers kid that “made his own website and would love to help you make one too.” You want somebody with proven results. You want somebody who knows what they are doing, so you don’t have to hold their hand, or research things yourself. That’s the entire point of hiring a professional. To get the experience and knowledge to generate results for you, not just something that looks okay.

That being said, what I’m not charging you, is an outrageous price. If you’re paying $150/hour for web development services (maybe even more sometimes), you’re getting ripped off. Simple as that. The companies charging these rates have a lot of overhead, lots of employees to pay, and loads of resources and licenses they have to support financially, including hundreds and even thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing. All those costs they endure, gets past onto you. Likewise, if you’re hiring a big company, you’re almost certainly going to be greeted by somebody other than the designer that worked on your site, if you even get a person first at all. My costs, however, are virtually non-existent. I have no overhead of any kind, and the assets I use for my business are all personally owned. Simply put, I have no costs to pass onto you – So you save a LOT! Lastly, with my Complete Package, I offer an INSANE discount on labor, saving you even more!

Am I saying I’m the best solution for your website needs, no matter what they are? Of course not. If I said that outright on a blog without hearing about your project first, I’d be just as dishonest as the people I’m referring to here as my competitors. I am an honest guy, who tells you things like it is every time. Your site might be so simple that the person down the street doing it for free would be the best solution for your business goals. I can beat free, because I give amazing value that pays for itself. Your website isn’t a business expense; it’s an investment that pays for itself over time. If you’re getting something quick and free, I can almost certainly guarantee you it’s not generating you enough revenue. Do it right, and you’ll be rewarded. It’s as simple as that.

Thanks for reading. If you like what you’ve heard so far, check out what I can do for you right here at Pryor Media.

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