Meet My Son, and Updates About Appointments

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Well it’s been a long wait, but it has finally happened. My son has been born. You can read more details about that here if you’d like. For now, this post is an update regarding appointments, and training sessions.

Due to my son being born, I’m going to need to delay future appointments for a short time. It’s safe to assume that no appointments will be scheduled until September 1, 2015. If you feel as though this cuts significantly into your subscription time, and that you were planning to use time within the next little while, please message me and we’ll discuss a discount on the future subscription renewal. I’m totally fine with discounting you on the current month, or a future month, if you’re feeling this interferes with your projects.

I don’t like doing this, but as you can likely guess, this is a one-time thing, and it’s a pretty big thing. I would have hoped the advanced notice I gave subscribers a while back gave you plenty of time to prepare for it, and many of you have taken advantage of many sessions in less time as of late, increasing your usage of the program to help compensate for this downtime. I applaud you for that. I hope I was able to serve you well in that time.

Consultation Subscribers: You can still reach me via phone. It may be more like speaking to an acquaintance than to a professional for the next little bit, and we may be interrupted in phone conversations. There’s little I can do regarding that happening, other than calling you back and managing time as best as possible. I hope to have your understanding in this matter, and will also completely understand if you’d like to remove yourself from the program temporarily or forever as a result. I totally get it.

New subscriptions to the consultation program are temporarily suspended, regardless of how many open spots there may be. This is because I’m unsure of what sorts of time my new schedule will allow me to have with you all. I need to evaluate how many people I can help, and then adjust the number of available positions from there.

Non-subscriber appointments are suspended for the same amount of time, until September 1. As far as new projects, I’ll observe the work order request emails as they come in, and will attempt to respond to them in a timely manner. All new website projects will likely be assigned to members of my team, and not directly facilitated by me directly for a short time. I’ll keep the relative parties for which this affects updated directly so they are informed.

Thank you for your business, and for your understanding during this new and exciting time in my life. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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