The Basic Package

No Monthly Fees!

Lots of other web companies will charge you a monthly rate to keep your site open in their accounts, and to insure that you always go to them for web work. I don’t do that. My policy is super simple: If I don’t do any work, and I don’t incur any costs, than you don’t pay any money. It’s that simple. The Basic package includes only site creation and delivery to a hosting platform of your designation, and does not include additional services, such as training and file hosting (site hosting). To protect the sanity of my clients, e-commerce sites that sell items online is not recommended with the Basic plan., because of the required training that they’ll need to manage it.

Clean and Easy to Manage

Many designers custom code their sites completely, giving them creative flexibility and endless possibilities to design and feature implementation. The problem here though, is that this makes the design process slow and inefficient, and you’ll pay a lot more money as a result of this increased time. Pryor Media uses open-sourced software instead of custom code on a page, with a Graphical User Interface which allows for total control over site content and formatting, without you ever needing to learn a single line of code. The days of calling your designer for changes can be over if you’d like it to be.

30-Day Service Discount

Every client who hires Pryor Media to create their website receives 30 days of service and support at half-price, no matter what it regards. It could even be a consultation on something that has nothing do to with websites at all! With the Basic package, the service discount expires and returns to a normal hourly rate after 30 days, so I work diligently with you to ensure that all features, desired functions, and existing bugs are worked out and corrected fast, saving you money and ultimately making you a happier customer.

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    You will need to purchase a domain name (i.e. in order to have a website. We recommend GoDaddy as a registrar you can trust. Click here for a discount, and search for an available domain that fits your business.

    What To Expect

    • No monthly payments
    • Clean and Modern Design
    • Graphical Interface (No code knowledge required)
    • Great SEO Framework on every page
    • 50% service discount for 30 days.
    • E-Commerce and Payments
    • Personalized Video Training
    • Domain Management
    • Continuous SEO monitoring and optimization
    • Superb Web Hosting with FTP access
    • Database and file security

    You will need to host your own website with this package. Third party hosting can vary in price and performance, but if we had to recommend a host for you, we’d recommend choosing, WPMUDEV, who also host this site too! Alternatively, GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting is a great option with a balance of performance and price.

    You can also choose to have Pryor Media set you up with your very own VPS and experience what it’s like to not have to share resources anymore!