The Complete Package

Fast, Reliable, and Secure

With a hosted website from Pryor Media, you’ll never have to worry about your data being online and accessible for the world. I can offer super fast, reliable, and secure hosting services, in addition to constantly monitoring your files and database for suspicious activity, or site issues that can be caused by buggy code. This isn’t a shared hosting environment where you’re sharing your resources with other sites either. This service is for people and businesses that want to make sure they have the perfect hosting environment for their website, and we’ll configure your server so that you do!

Get everything hosted with on-going management for just $300/month, or $3000/year!*

(All package components are billed as separate entities. The complete package pricing listed is “in addition” to the costs of Basic and Plus).

24 Hour Support Promise

The Complete Package includes my 24-support promise, insuring that you’re site will always get the attention it deserves, regardless of what time it needs it. If you ever notice your site has an issue that cannot wait until normal business hours, and you want to make sure it’s fixed right away, you’ll be able to call my personal cell phone, sitting right next to my ear as I sleep, and make sure that I get up out of bed and get working on your problem right away.

50% Service Discount

In addition to the comfort of knowing that your site is always taken care of, whenever it needs attention, Complete Package customers enjoy a 50% service discount for as long as they’re account is current as a Complete Package subscriber. This means that whenever changes are needed to your website, and you need my assistance to do it, you’ll save 50% per hour of service, effectively saving you more and more as time goes on! With just a few hours of requested work on your site each month, the Complete Package has paid for itself! It’s a crazy awesome deal!

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What To Expect

  • No monthly payments
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Graphical Interface (No code knowledge required)
  • Great SEO Framework on every page
  • 50% service discount for 90 days.
  • Free phone support for 6 months!
  • E-commerce and payments
  • Personalized Video Training
  • Domain Management
  • Continuous SEO monitoring and optimization
  • Superb Web Hosting with ROOT access
  • Database and file security

Even though this service is “fully managed” for you, we still would like you to purchase your own domain yourself. This ensures YOU own your domain, and not us. It also keeps the billing of your brand identity separate from your services with us, which is great for everyone.

We recommend GoDaddy as a registrar you can trust. Click here for a discount, and search for an available domain that fits your business.