How Is Digital Video Helping To Improve Business?

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In 2013, digital video climbed to extreme levels in terms of user engagement and time spent watching video. The impact this is having on businesses around the world, no matter what size, is extreme to say the least. You can go from being completely unnoticed, to having a line out the door… just by having a solid digital media strategy. There are two primary focuses of every digital media strategy: Conversions, and Awareness.

We want to increase both of these things. To tell us more about the impact video is having in the world, and the importance of having a solid strategy, here’s Steve Rotter, VP of Digital Marketing Solutions.

As you can tell from the video, choosing the right plan for your online campaign is a critical component for success, and if executed properly, can lead to huge gains in the short and long run. Don’t rely on “getting a viral video” for you company either, because the chances of that working are always slim. Instead, invest your money and time into solid and consistent techniques that lead to higher conversions, and more brand awareness on a long-term basis.

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