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VPS Tier 1 Great for single sites!


Per Month
  • Single core 2Ghz CPU
  • 512mb RAM
  • 20GB SSD storage
  • 1TB monthly bandwidth
  • Nginx and Fast-CGI
  • HHVM Ready New!

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VPS Tier 2 Great for a few sites!


Per Month
  • 2 Core CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 40GB SSD Storage
  • 3TB monthly bandwidth
  • Nginx and Fast-CGI
  • HHVM Ready New!

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VPS Tier 3 Bring it on Reddit!


Per Month
  • 4 Core CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 80GB SSD Storage
  • 5TB monthly bandwidth
  • Nginx and Fast-CGI
  • HHVM Ready New!

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Self-Owned You've got hosting someplace else, but with our software driving it!


One-time setup fee
  • Your Power
  • Your RAM
  • Your Storage
  • Your Bandwidth
  • Everything Self-owend
  • No monthly fee by us

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How It Works

A VPS hosting configuration at Pryor Media is a wonderful experience to some, and perhaps a bit “too different” to others. Rather than simply providing you with an automated process to give you web space and saying “here ya go, start right away!” – We provide a personalized setup for every customer.

This means that a real person creates a secure virtual server for your website from scratch, and then configures that VPS for you specifically. The server starts as bare as you can get, with only raw Ubuntu installed. Commands are entered and software is installed and set up to make sure that your specific website is taken care of in a great way.

This service requires custom server setup, and comes with a $75 initial setup fee.

Already have a host?

Got an existing WordPress website at another host? No problem. We can help you migrate your site from your old host, to your new one (us) for a one-time, non-refundable transfer fee of $150. The advantage of this, of course, is that you know your site will work awesome as soon as it’s turned over to you, because we’ll be transferring the data for you, and insuring that your existing site is working well at your new home before we present it to you.

Make no mistake – We are not a giant commercial hosting service with thousands of clients. This is small, personal, and a promise of effectiveness for every single person that wants our service.

Site and Server Management

This service includes setup, not ongoing management. For ongoing management, please consider looking into our Complete Website Package.

You will have full control over your website’s database and files, and will manage and maintain all of your own stuff via SSH or with SFTP, a Secure File Transfer Protocol that is identical to how FTP works, except it is secure. You will be given every piece of information you need for the ongoing maintenance and management of your files, and will be given root access to everything as well.

While we will not prevent you from running your server in any way that you like, however please note that our support is provided based on the configuration we’ve set up for you. If you make changes yourself, and something goes wrong, we cannot guarantee a fast repair without resorting to a backup.

What’s Included

When you submit your order, and we’ve received your first payment, you’ll be contacted within a few hours acknowledging that your request has been received. You may be emailed or called at the number you provided, if we have questions about your website needs.

We’ll then go to work on your server, and will usually complete it within a day of your order – 48 hours at the latest. Please allow for an extended period of time if you require a transfer from a previous host.

Your subscription will bill you monthly on the same day in which you enrolled initially. You are free to cancel your monthly subscription at any time, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you backup your files and database BEFORE you cancel. Cancelled accounts are cleared, and all data is destroyed as soon as possible afterwards. Refunds are given only for the current billing cycle in which payment was received, pro-rated for any time which has not been used.

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