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This page here at Pryor Media is now out of date for the most part. The truth is, I’ve been doing website work and consultations and training for the X WordPress theme ever since it was released, and have helped over 200 people and companies in 9 timezones since this list was made. I’ve edited this page to add this final entry, and to embed a new series that I’m starting now on the HotTips! YouTube channel called the X Pro Tutorial Series. There won’t be many videos, but the videos I do release should be helpful. The vast majority of my training/tutorials will be for clients specifically, as it has been for the last 2 years.

The new videos are embedded below in a playlist. Whenever I release a new video, this playlist will update. Enjoy.

If you like this series, let me know in the comments below, and be sure that IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ON HOW THINGS WORK, you can look to the developers directly on their support forums, or join our Consultation Program here at Pryor Media for in-depth advice and personalized training on all things related to building your website

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